Episode 92 – Squee & the Boys ft. Dungeon Master Dudley


Welcome back ya freaks! After a short break we dive right into a spicy episode complete with a brand new guest, fashion commentary, and fond memories of teenage make outs. Plus we open up the mailbag and make a few very special announcements. Thanks for listening!

  • 16:00 Classic MCs
  • 30:00 Sounds Legit
  • 36:00 BREAK
  • 38:15 Housekeeping/Gigs
  • 53:00 CLHT
  • 58:00 SnS

Episode 91 – Chad Kavanaugh


Happy Thanksgiving, ya freaks! This episode is all about gratitude. We’re grateful we’re not aquarium enthusiasts and that we don’t include “kids photography” among our interests. We’re even grateful that we will forever struggle in the bitter limbo realm of being between 5-7 on the looks scale. Thank you all for listening each and every week. Make sure you play this episode for the whole family!

  • 12:00 – Classic MCs
  • 21:00 – Sounds Legit
  • 31:00 – BREAK
  • 38:00 – Housekeeping/Gigs
  • 53:00 – CLHT / Short n Sweet

Episode 90 – Stuck in the Mudd


It’s business as usual on this OG-hosted episode. Husbands wearing their wives’ panties to meet friends. Topless high stakes poker games. Grand theft auto fantasies. The best damn homecoming parade of all time. It’s all here, folks. Thanks for listening.

  • 12:00 – Classic MCs
  • 20:00 Sounds Legit
  • 26:30 – Housekeeping/Gigs
  • 34:30 – CLHT
  • 48:45 – SnS

Episode 89 – The Amish Experience


Our generation doesn’t waste money on materials goods, man. We value experiences. That’s why this week we’ve got a dude who just wants to try on the Amish life for a while. There’s people offering paid unicorn rides for children’s birthday parties. People are giving each other cosmic love hugs on the streets. This is a spooooooky episodes folks. Tell a friend, and thanks for listening.

  • 10 minutes of Chester rambling about festivals
  • 10:00 Classic MCs
  • 18:30 Sounds Legit
  • 29:00 Housekeeping/Gigs
  • 36:00 CLHT
  • 43:30 SnS

Episode 88 – Dojo De Mojo


Happy Halloween, UFB fans! We’ve got a great little episode for you this week, hot off the press. It’s got rubber sex torsos. It’s got hook-ups with your dad’s friend, Phil. All standard fare really. You know the drill – rate/review, tell a friend, and keep it weird out there.

  • 9:00 Classic MC’s
  • 23:00 Sounds Legit
  • 30:00 Housekeeping / Gigs
  • 38:00 CLHT
  • 45:00 SnS

Episode 87 – Just Not in My House or in My Mouth


We cover some serious ground on this epic journey of an episode (no break!). We dive deeper into why 5’s-7’s have the hardest time getting laid. We determine that you should be very worried about your friends if they start fishing more often. Most importantly, we establish a crucial rule for non-kink shamers such as ourselves:  “It’s cool, just not in my house or in my mouth.” Thanks for listening, freaks.

  • 10:00 Classic MC’s
  • 25:00 Sounds Legit
  • 45:00 Housekeeping/Gigs
  • 53:00 CLHT
  • 1:02:00 SnS

Episode 86 – Sissy Baby Slave


Welcome to Season 3, ya freaks. As with all great shows, Season 3 is where things get dark and gritty. It’s always the one where a major character tragically and unexpectedly bites it. Smart money’s on Shrew. This episode kicks things off with a bang – female bodybuilders, goats performing road work, and the economics of your local swingers club. Let’s just say the pipeline is a’ flowin’.

  • 8:30 Classic MCs
  • 19:00 Sounds Legit
  • 30:00 BREAK
  • 39:30 Housekeeping/Gigs
  • 48:45 CLHT
  • 53:30 SnS + Wrap Up



Well, technically 2 years and 2 months. You can’t rush perfection, guys. To celebrate another 365 days of Unfinished Business, we went back through a full year of grimy posts, weird stories and Shrew cackles and found the 10 moments that still make us laugh the hardest. This ep is a great way to get caught up on some ol gems, and we only had to spend hours and hours listening to our voices like psychopaths to make it! In all seriousness we can’t believe it’s already been over TWO YEARS of the show, and it wouldn’t be nearly the same without you guys. Thank you so much for the posts you’ve sent in and for randomly texting us to let us know we made you spit out your drink at work. It means a lot. Thanks for listening, cheers.

  •  #10 The Darkness – 2:45
  •  #9 First Class Farts – 6:45
  •  #8 Gay Joe’s – 9:30
  •  #7 Shrew’s Morton Toes – 14:30
  •  #6 The Brookstone Cover Up – 18:00
  •  #5 Reliable Shoes – 23:00
  •  #4 Pig Pen’s Car – 28:30
  •  #3 ????? – 35:30
  •  #2 ????? – 42:00
  •  #1 ????? – 46:30

Episode 83 – I AM A LIVING GOD


Back on track ladies and gents! This week we cover the usual – creepy cults, Dwayne Johnson’s questionable movie choices, 90’s cartoons. You know how it goes. Remember to leave a review and Shrew will venmo you $80.

  • 9:00 – Classic MC’s
  • 22:00 Sounds Legit
  • 34:00 – BREAK
  • 40:00 – Housekeeping/Gigs
  • 49:30 – CLHT
  • 56:30 – SnS