Interbrew 2 - Sawdust & Crickets w/ Lucky Yates and Amber Nash

Hey, well look what we have here... The Interbrew series continues!     (this's coffee)

This is the second in our ongoing partner series with Each episode we sit down to share a tasty beverage with a prominent Atlanta figure (or two) and see where the conversation takes us.

This time around we met Lucky Yates and Amber Nash. They have been mainstays of Atlanta's improv comedy scene for years at Dad's Garage, and both are well known for playing fan favorite characters Krieger and Pam on FX's Archer. It was a real treat to share a few cups of coffee and discuss their passions for improv comedy, the oddities of professional voice acting, and most importantly what makes for a good order at Taco Bell.

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Cheers, and thanks for listening.