Episode 51 - Professional Doctor (LIVE from Sweetwater w/ Wieuca Will)

FIRST LIVE EP @ Sweetwater Brewery here in lovely Atlanta. Local cool guy & friend of the pod Will comes on the show to talk about his band Wieuca, their new album Guilt Complex, affinity for Craigslist weirdos, and peen pics allegedly curing cancer. Great episode all around, check it out!

Big thanks to Sweetwater for being great hosts. Be sure to check out Wieuca on Spotify and Instagram. They make cool tunes and weird arts.

  • Classic MCs - 8:00

  • Sounds Legit - 23:30

  • BREAK - 38:40

  • Gigs - 45:45

  • CLHTs - 1:00:45

Sns/Wrap-Up - 1:15:00