Episode 100 - Fridge Full of Squirrels

100 episodes?! How did this happen? Feels like just yesterday we were hanging out in a cobbled together studio and muttering nonsense into cheap microphones. Oh wait, we still do that.

We go all out for this special episode - the seedy underbelly of Medieval Times, Shrew’s sexually aggressive Uber experience in Nashville, men losing their shit over girls joining the Boy Scouts, and new cults in California. We even agree to lay off the fishermen for a bit in order to focus on a new target - sleazy chiropractors.

Thanks for sticking with us, guys. Cheers to the next 100!

  • 12:00 Classic MCs

  • 26:30 Sounds Legit

  • 42:00 BREAK

  • 46:00 Housekeeping / Gigs

  • 53:30 Craigslist Hot Takes

  • 1:09:00 Short n Sweet