Episode 112 - Cowboy to Cowboy ft. Max Blount

Join us this week in welcoming an excellent new guest in Max Blount of ATL-based rock-n-soul band The Hedonistas! We had a great chat around performing live music and open mic comedy, and of course we found time to dive into the usual drivel - nudist realtors, a bizarre boating enthusiast, and one dude who just wants more people to answer his drunk texts.

Cowboy to cowboy, this is a great one. Enjoy!

  • 13:30 Classic MC’s

  • 22:00 Sounds Legit


  • 36:00 Stand-up; The 5-7 Theory

  • 51:00 Housekeeping/Gigs

  • 1:00:00 Craigslist Hot Takes

  • 1:07:00 Short n Sweet