Episode 109 - Septic Scuba

Holy crap, do we have some weirdness for you this week… Honestly, we might have found the holy grail of Craigslist deviancy. Might also be a great way to collect some extra coin if you’ve got a spacious septic tank.

Also in the episode, Chester and OJ talk some shop about professional bowlers, Game of Thrones/Avengers contrarians, and people who are really, actually living their best lives.

The Patreon page will be up this week. Thanks, as always, for sticking with us.

  • 15:00 Classic MC’s

  • 27:30 Sounds Legit

  • 36:00 BREAK

  • 42:30 Housekeeping / Gigs

  • 55:00 CLHT

  • 1:03:30 Short n Sweet