Episode 119 - Benzos & Batman Masks

Calling all hand smasher, nut punchers, and wood polishers, this is the episode for you! We knew we had to come out swinging after last week went completely off the rails, and boy oh boy is this one a doozy.

Thanks as always for listening and for spreading the grime throughout the land. An EXTRA special thank you to our patrons on Patreon. We’re coming up on three(!!) crazy years, and we couldn’t be more excited for what comes next. Cheers!

  • 20:00 Classic MC’s

  • 31:30 Sounds Legit

  • 43:30 BREAK

  • 51:00 Housekeeping / Gigs

  • 1:00:30 Craigslist Hot Takes

  • 1:09:00 Short n Sweet